How to use VersaMark ink

There are a few basics you should have in your craft box and VersaMark ink is definitely one! A thick, clear, pigment ink (slow-drying), it can be used in lots of different ways on your cards.


VersaMark is also known as a 'watermark' ink because it creates a slightly darker impression than the tone of the card you're stamping onto. This allows you to create beautiful, subtle stamped backgrounds.


Read Karen Watson's handy guide to find out more...


How to use VersaMark ink


VersaMark is used in the same way as any other ink - ink up your chosen stamp and stamp onto card. You can leave the ink to dry naturally, or you can dry it quickly with a heat gun and your image will still be visible.

You should be able to buy VersaMark ink from your local craft shop. It's available in two different sizes - a small cube pad or a normal sized ink. You can also buy it as a pen, which is great for highlighting, stencilling or lettering.

Here are just a few ways to use VersaMark:

  • As a glue - VersaMark is slow-drying, so try stamping then sprinkling with glitter or dabbing with chalk.
  • Heat emboss - this is the most common use for VersaMark ink. It's ideal for heat embossing due to its tacky consistency.
  • Resist technique - this is where an image stamped in VersaMark acts as a barrier to a dye ink applied over the top.




Your step-by-step guide

Follow these steps to create a resist effect with VersaMark ink:

Step one

Take a piece of plain white, glossy card and stamp an image of your choice onto it using VersaMark ink, as shown.





Step two

Run a brayer over a multi-coloured dye-based inkpad a few times to ensure good coverage.






Step three

Roll the brayer back and forth on the piece of card until the ink has been transferred. Continue to roll on the ink until the card is covered.





Step four

Once finished and the panel is covered, wipe away any excess ink from the card with a clean, dry tissue, as shown.





Step five

The finished panel shows off the resist effect as the VersaMark stamped is highlighted beautifully against the multi-coloured background.






Hints and tips

Follow Karen's handy hints for professional
results with VersaMark ink every time.



  • Don't worry if your inkpad looks a little grubby after a while and providing you're covering it with powder or chalk, no one will know!
  • Wipe your card with an anti-static bag to prevent embossing powder sticking to fingerprints.
  • If you have used chalks or powders over the VersaMark, set them with hairspray once you have finished.
  • Store your inkpad upside down. This will ensure that the ink is always at the surface when you need to use it.
  • Use a VersaMark pen to highlight areas of a stamped image by heat embossing.


More ideas with VersaMark ink

Now try these card ideas using VersaMark ink...

Simple stamping

For a simple but stunning watermark effect, stamp an image over a piece of coloured card using VersaMark ink. Let the ink air dry naturally or dry with a heat gun.




Heat emboss

Stamp an image onto card using VersaMark ink. Tap small amounts of pink embossing powder onto parts of the design and purple over the remainder. Heat with a heat gun until melted.




Chalk it

Stamp an image onto card using VersaMark ink. Take a paintbrush or a cotton wool ball and dab chalk onto the wet ink. Spray with hairspray to seal.




Delicate effect

Stamp an image onto white card with VersaMark ink. While the ink is stil wet, cover with a pale shade of pink embossing powder. Heat with a heat gun until all the powder has melted.





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