How to use flock on cards


If you've never used flock before, you're in for a treat! With beautiful soft texture, it can add sumptuous elegance or fuzzy fun to your cards and papercraft designs. Made of tiny fibres, flocking powder comes in little pots, in an assortment of colours. You can also buy pots of glittered flock for a sparkly textured effect! Here, cardmaking expert, Sharon Armstrong takes you through the basics of this versatile medium. 


How to use flock on cards

Although it may appear a little daunting at first, in reality adding flock is a lot like using glitter. Simply add adhesive to the section you want the flock to stick to, sprinkle with flock and shake off the excess. Press the flock down for an even finish. Here are just a few ways of using flock on your cards:

  • Decorate parts of a stamped image
  • Embellish patterned paper
  • Make your own flocked paper
  • Create a flocked embellishment


Your step-by-step guide

Follow these steps and you'll be an expert at using flock in no time at all!

1. Stamp your chosen image onto a piece of card. Spread clear-drying glue onto one section of the image (in this case, the owl's tummy), filling all the space right up to the edges.



2. Hold the image over a clean sheet of paper and sprinkle plenty of pink flock onto the glued area. Shake off any excess and press the flock down with your fingers for an even finish. Tip the excess flock back into pot.



3. Add glue to the rest of the owl. Sprinkle on brown flock, taking care to avoid the pink flocked are if possible. Shake to remove excess and press down for a smooth finish.



4. Add colour and shading with marker pens for extra detail and attach to a decorated base card, to finish.




Hints and tips

Follow Sharon's handy hints and tips for brilliant results...

  • Before using flock, try emptying it into a small container or onto paper and gently separating it with your fingers. This will make it easier to apply.
  • Choose a glue that dries clear, otherwise it might show through and spoil the effects.
  • Silicone glue dries as a 3D shape. Use this with flock to create 3D effects, like fluffy snowballs!
  • Use a glue pen for fine detail, but double-sided tape is better for larger areas like stripes.

 To buy your own colourful stash of flock, from approx £2.99 per pot, visit


More ideas with flock

Now try these card ideas using flock...

Create backgrounds

Use a glue pen to draw snowflakes onto a square of white card. Sprinkle with blue glitter flock. Decorate with gems and ribbon. Attach to a decorated square white base card and add a greeting panel, to finish.




Make borders

Add strips of double-sided tape along all four edges of a square of white card. Remove backing and sprinkle with red flock to create a border. Attach to a base card and decorate with patterned paper, ribbon, a greeting and a charm, to finish.





Cut a triangle from white card. Use double-sided tape to add sticky strips across it. Sprinkle with pink glitter flock and decorate with gems. Cut a strip of white card for a tree trunk. Cover with glue and sprinkle with brown flock. Assemble the tree on a square of patterned paper. Attach to a decorated base card, to finish.




Decorate a tag

Cover a tag with patterned paper. Use a glue pen to highlight areas of the pattern and sprinkle with green glitter flock. Add a decorated greeting panel. Punch a hole and set an eyelet at the top. Thread with ribbon and wrap more ribbon around the tag, to finish.






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