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These sunny papers are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face! Click the link below to download today!

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Amazing CMPM Team

29th April 2013

You guys at Cardmaking and papervcraft and quick cards are amazing. Your magazines are part of my day as I'm always refering  to you for ideas and I am always learning new things about making cards and even the quipment that I use!. And the new design for CMPM is just the best, I am loving this lastest edition, so I say thank you for the ideas and features, they really do inspire me.

Love your magazines

4th August 2011

I truly love your Cardmaking/Papercraft  and Quick Cards made Easy. I love the ideas, the gifts with each and the bonus papers. It all is just super great. I gave two subscriptions to friends and they too enjoy them so much.

Keep up the good work.  Thank You for making my days so enjoyable

Gift Stamps and matching paper

29th July 2011

I really like the bonus papers in your magazine, and the gifts that come with the magazines too.  My biggest problem is I live in the United States and the stores here are at least one issue behind England.  When you have stamps as a gift with the magazine with matching bonus papers to download, by the time I get the magazine I can't download the matching papers.  I have read comments from other readers from the states say when they subscribe to your magazine they do not always get every issue, so I still go to the store to buy my magazine.  I really love your magazine but sometimes feel a little cheated that I can't get all the specials you offer because of where I live.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know if there is a way I can get the downloadable papers that go with your stamp gifts.  Thank you!

gift stamps and matching paper

4th August 2011

I too live in the states and have no trouble with the magazine getting to me, as long as my subscription stays in the UK. The bonus papers are always available. you just need to sign in and you can download the bonus papers. It's quite easy really. Good Luck

Bonus Papers

20th June 2011

Your papers are THE BEST. Thank you.

love these papers (Lyn)

16th June 2011

love these papers


what's the buzz

8th June 2011

 Love these nice bright summery papers


16th June 2011

I to love the papers in issue 93, they are going to appeal to everybody especially bird & cat lovers like myself.

Brilliant, fantastic, cute & beautiful these designs are. Thank you so much.

Cardmaking Papers

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