Make a card with tea bag folding

Have you seen the gorgeous cards featuring tea bag folding in our August issue (107)? Get some extra help with how to make them by watching Alice's fab video!

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24th November 2013


Thank you for the free papers, they are very pretty. I'm sure to be very busy with them in future. Your website is very helpful, also I enjoy your magazines very much. We get them a while after here in Australia but I'm glad we at least get them!

Thanks again,


Thank you for sharing your

22nd July 2013

Thank you for sharing your skills about card making. This is going to be a very helpful way in being creative. I think handmade greeting cards are more highly appreciated the ready ones you buy in the bookstores. Excellent! Keep it up. get facebook photo likes

double sided tape assistance

5th September 2013

I am new to this site - and have been reading your comments.   

For additional "wriggle room" you can add some wet glue - or "Pinflair" to the double - sided tape 

It will dry off without any problem - but gives you time to look at what you have stuck down 

and re-position if necessary.


Usage of double sided tape (handy hint)

8th July 2012
Craft Nook

Hi Alice,  I have just watched your video on Tbag folding and you commented on the fact that you find it difficult to get a straight line when attaching having used double sided tape.   I can also experience the same problem so now when using ds tape I peel of a little bit of tape on each side/top/bottom then I am able to place my work down without the worry of trying to rescue it if I have it at an angle and need to lift it off to try again.  Once you have the corners lifted of the tape place the piece of work where you need it to be then holding it firmly with one hand you can then use the other to remove the rest of the tape knowing it will be just where you need it. Hey Presto one nicely placed piece of work. 

kind regards

Craft Nook

Double-sided tape

9th July 2012

 Amazing tip Craft Nook! I will try that next time!


Best Wishes



Double sided tape

12th September 2012


 I used to do it like that but now only lift it at the two adjactent corners. This gives you a flat piece on the other two corners to check it is nice and straight.! Peel back when satisfied and then just lift the opposite corners and take the backing off of them and hey presto!

Hope this helps


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